Many thanks to all of you who have shared your feedback with us!  We always appreciate hearing what you have to say.  Here are some of the parents, kids and educators who love our products as much as we do! 


Phonics Comics

Phonics Comics“I am a first grade teacher in Weston CT. I just ordered your PC Twisted Tales book through Scholastic and I love it. I know my students are going to enjoy it. I can't wait to order some of your other PC books. Please keep making more!”
by Selina M, Teacher
“I recently purchased one of your Phonics Comics via a Scholastic Book Order. It's the Twisted Tales edition - I Love It! I work with struggling readers and would love to have multiple copies of these creative stories to use with my students.”
by Laura J, Teacher

“I just want to say how excited I am about the Phonics Comics books. My son did not want to read on his own until I showed him Super Sam. Now I see him trying to read while no one is around.”
by Kristi P, Parent

“I teach 1st grade, and every Friday is my "Free Choice Friday" during reading where they get to pick any book to take home. Your Phonics Comics are fought over, traded privileges for, and "bought" with our class money since I only have 6 to choose from. I have had to start a waiting list for who gets to take them home.”
by Tracey T, Teacher

“The Phonics Comics are terrifically written. Beautifully illustrated. My students adore them, read them happily on their own, and importantly, they get the jokes. Just terrific for teaching a couple of concepts: identifying categories, genres of comics and fairy tales. They don't talk down to kids, nor do they over reach, in an overly complicated vocabulary or layout. They appeal to a range of ages, since they're really funny stories. I'm crazy about the Fairy Tales one, myself, and boys, one who needs incentive and another who loves literature, both told me they howled with laughter. Asked me for more, right away. Please expand this series, and when you do, let me be the first to know. Thanks!”
by E.A. H, Teacher

“I found Twisted Tales in a scholastic book order. I fell in love with the format right away. It grabs the attention of my students and makes reading exciting.”
by Susan H, Reading Teacher

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green start

“I found some Green Start board books and fell in love. I bought two for my classroom of toddlers. They loved reading them because they connected with the pictures of the kids. They would point to them saying, "that's me" or, "that's Danny." Each child in the book represented a different child in our class. In the book about planting a garden, it says, "I pick it and eat it. The children would pick the fruit and pretend to eat it out of the book! I am thrilled to see this line of books expanding and I am eager to share the floor puzzles with my now two year old class. I can't wait to order everything in the Green Start line for our center.”

by Laurel L, Teacher

“I love Green Start books! The illustrations are beautiful and the words engage children in a simple, understandable way. My infant daughter loves to touch this book and is very stimulated by the colorful illustrations. My older children enjoy looking at it and listening to me read it to my baby. I highly recommend all Green Start books. They are eco-friendly and great teaching tools.”

By Zaynee, Parent


“I absolutely love these books! They take complex environmental philosophies and shape them into concepts that young minds can easily grasp. The pictures are cute and the pages are thick enough that my child can’t rip them. A great buy for the price.”

By Daniel N., Parent


“This company makes the most rugged, durable, visually stunning, excellent books I’ve yet to find. My toddler CAN NOT destroy them, no matter how hard she tries. She has succeeded in destroying pretty much all the other baby board books I’ve purchased her though. I also own the tower books by Green Start too and they’ve still held up, look just as brand new as the day she opened them, and I will continue to purchase the books from this company. I LOVE THEM!!!”

By R. Racca, Parent


“My two year old is having a lot of fun with these puzzles. They are durable and well made. The pictures are very cute.”

By JJ, Parent


“Very happy with this purchase. My 3 year old loves to do this puzzle for hours! It has held up well despite rough toddler use.”

By Dani, Parent


“I bought this [in the rainforest book & puzzle set] for my son when he was about 2. He loved hearing about the animals while doing the puzzle. Most animals are 2-4 pieces, but all the animals fit together in one bigger puzzle. It also had a cute carrying case. It includes animals that we don’t often study so that was nice, too.”

By A. Burton, Parent


“I recently purchased a set of these [stacking & nesting blocks] as a baby shower gift. Each side of each block has a different cognitive attribute…there is counting, letters, colors, etc. They stack together nicely, and I’m very pleased with the fact that they are recycled.”

By R. Nickerson, Parent


“This is the second set of green start book towers we have. Our toddler loves to ‘read’ the books by himself. The size of each book is perfect for his little hands, the pages are chunky and easy to turn. The topics are great for ages 0-3. The books can be stacked, or my son’s favorite: making a choo-choo. These books are also an ideal size for a toddler to use on the potty!”

By J.G. Williams, Parent


“The princess green start play, draw, create activity is awesome. My apartment is not big, so space is well…limited. This kit, which includes a magnetic dry erase board, over 30 magnetic play pieces, five interlocking dry erase markers in assorted colors, and a write-on/wipe-off activity book filled with lots of reusable activities and games, is so well contained, you can even take it on car trips. I love that each activity can be done over and over since the pieces are magnetic and the markers are dry-erase, making this toy economical and eco-friendly. This toy is so well made we still have every single piece, and that’s a real accomplishment in this house. I may add that my daughter is obsessed with princesses (she thinks she’s a real princess) so this cute set was a dream come true. This makes a great little girl birthday gift.”

By A.S., Parent


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Soft Shapes

“I am very impressed with the Soft Shapes books by Innovative Kids. I received four of the books as a gift for my now 20-month-old daughter, Emily. She loves them! The books are very creative, colorful, and the objects easily pop in and out of their places! They are wonderful for the tub and will adhere nicely on the tile. This is where Emily enjoys them the most!

I hope you will continue to produce such wonderful books that are both educational and fun!”
by Susan DiGiorgio-Pol, parent

“My Mother has several toys for my children when we visit her home.....the kids favorite by far are the soft shape books.”
by Katie F, Parent

“I'm so glad your website was on the back of the Counting book my mom got for baby. We were looking for a book like this forever and could not find one. It is his most favorite book and bath toy. The fish shapes stick to his skin and head which makes bath time lots of fun. Soon, he will be old enough to use them as "puzzle pieces" with the pages. ...we were all very excited to learn about your website and entire line of products.”
by Shelly L, Parent

“I am so impressed with innovativeKids' support for parents and dedication to its customers. I am definitely going to buy more Soft Shapes books for my daughter and also for my friends' babies.”
by Marci H, Parent


“My 19 month old sold LOVES trucks and this bath toy did not disappoint [tub stickables] – he enjoys putting them on and off the tub wall, making them ‘drive’ around the edges of the tub, and just examining the great pictures of trucks – I love the variety of trucks and that they are real pictures and not cartoons.”

By J. Brown, Parent


“The Soft Shapes Play to Learn Games: Memory Match Catch provides hours of entertainment. We have had it for nearly 2 months now, and my kids still love it. I tell stories with it, we play counting games, matching games, we fish for colors, and best of all memory games! You can see how nicely the fish stick to the wall. The colors are vibrant and fun and my kids can’t get enough of this. These cute foam fish can actually be played with in or out of the bath, but since our bath is the ‘pond’ (more like a swamp when they’re done with it) my kids like to leave them there. When it’s time for clean up, they go fishing for all the fishies and collect them with the net, then place them in the netted bag where they drain quite nicely – no mold or mildew growing on these fish!”

By A.S., Parent


“The toy comes with 10 pairs of floating fish, fish net, and a mesh storage bag. This toy is sooooo much fun for both my 3 and 1-year old that we had to buy two more to keep at their grandparent’s houses. You can play matching games, color games, race to see who can catch more, and many other games. My daughter also likes to stick them to the sides of the bath. Once they are done playing, we have them race to put them in the mesh bag. I then hang it up and forget about it until the next night at bath time. Lovely toy. I definitely recommend one for every household of children.”

By W. Lynch, Parent


“I love these Soft Shapes books. The reading is simple and fun and my 12 month old loves to take the shapes out and put them back in the book. We stick them to the wall of the tub during bath time too. Sometimes he carries the shapes around the house putting them here and there then picking them up again. I think we will have a lot of fun with these books for a long time. I am going to make them my regular gift for new moms or first birthdays. I had never seen these or puzzle books before and LOVE them!!”

By Sisco, Parent


“I got this book for my daughter when she was 12 months old, now she is 20 months old and still loves it. She uses it as a book, as a puzzle (you can take out all the animals and then put them back – nice dexterity exercise for your little one!), and as a bath toy. A great toy to teach your toddler shapes and animals, tell stories, play in the bath…”

By Gaia, Parent


“I am a huge fan of all these foam puzzle books. They’re awesome! My baby is now 20 months old and loves them just as much as he did when he was three months old. We have 5 of them. They are soft and durable with no small parts. I also have used a wet rag to clean ours off when they get food and grime on them from messy baby hands, they clean up very easily. They make really great shower and baby gifts.”

By Steph, Parent


“Soft Shapes books are great! We have 7 or 8 of them. My child is 7 months and loves chewing on them, and pulling the shapes out. Bright and colorful, they attract and hold baby’s attention. And they’re not so long of a story that baby gets bored. For the price and quality, it’s a good buy.”

By A. Jonas, Parent


“My one year old loves these books. They’re a great starting point for young children to learn how to use puzzles. The best part is that they’re sturdy foam. We’ve had ours for a while and they have shown no signs of deterioration, even with her chomping on them constantly. When I read a review recently about using them in the bath tub and how they stick to the tub walls, that was an even better perk. It has greatly enhanced bath time for sure. Great product.”

By Lily, Parent



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Math Gear

“One of my first grade students brought in one of your Math Gears for subtraction. I really like it.”
by Becky P, Teacher

“I bought all four of these. I keep them in the car for the kids. A fun way to review math facts.”

By Kris G., Parent


“My daughter is in 3rd grade and just started learning multiplication at school. She gets bored using flash cards, so this little book was a big hit with her. She said it made learning her math facts “100% more fun!” I’d highly recommend this for any child learning or reviewing multiplication facts. My 4 year old wants to learn them now because this book is so much fun!”

By Texas Mom


“I wanted my kids to have something over the summer to keep their brains working. I picked this up and keep it in the car. It is set up as a spinning circle, so you do the 4’s and spin the outer number with a window to peek under to check yourself. My kids regularly pick it up and test themselves. A great little product—I will have to get the division one as well!”

By M. Allen, Parent


“Love this. So easy for my son to use and he loves getting the answers right. Easy to use and great to throw in my bag to do with him when we are bored. Learning a lot from this.”

By Crumbs, Parent


“I like this product. It is much better than regular flash cards. Each page has a dial and works on adding one number from other numbers so kids grasp the idea. I like the flap that you lift to check the answer. It’s great to have the kids be able to use this on their own and figure out the answers to the problems and self check. Good product.”

By Amy, Parent


“We started with the addition fast facts a few years ago and now have all 4 (subtraction, division, multiplication also). For a young student learning math, these are an excellent resource. Sturdy, easy to find the answer but hidden behind a lift up tab so you can think before checking.”

By G. Bultman, Parent


“This book is left in the car and is the quizzer for bored kits (learning during boredom…imagine!) Toss out the DVD player in the car, get books! This whole series is great. It is the book of choice while waiting for the school bus (and now even my skills have been sharpened!) A+”

By A. Goodrich, Parent


“As my 5 year old grandson describes how he likes them ‘a billion one hundred ninety-nine times great.’ He has had a lot of fun playing and learning. He started with the addition book when he was 3+ years old.”

By Travelljs, Grandparent


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“I LOVE your products.”
by Claire G, Parent

“We love your products and eagerly recommend them to others! As a homeschool mother, I choose quality products and use them for the intellectual and emotional development of my children. I hope to use quality products from "innovative kids" through our homeschool years and beyond. Thank you for your time ...and your many fun and wonderful products!”
by Amy D, Parent

“I'm a pediatric therapist and I absolutely love using your products to engage my students in writing activities. Thank you for the fun ways to encourage participation.”
by Heather H, Occupational Therapist

“I love your books!!!”
by Graciela Garza, teacher

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